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"Andrews belongs to a gener-ation that has experienced a loss of place as the American countryside has been aban-doned to suburbs, malls and highways. She believes human health is linked to the larger health of the planet. Here she interweaves events in her own life with dreams, tribal lore and mythology to show how we can become dislocated, and what to do about it. She offers much food for thought."  

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"A powerful and poignant work about the spiritual and psychological costs of our uprootedness. This book will help others find a home in the body of the world."  

Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD, author of The Tao of Psychology and Goddesses in Everywoman




Current projects include Losing Mr. Darcy, a memoir considering the evolution of romance, and The Secret Lives of Your Possessions, an illustrated book exploring the soul of household objects.


Valerie recently collaborated with Robert Vetere on a book about the human-animal bond, called From Wags to Riches:How Dogs Teach us to Succeed in Business & Life.

This book considers how our early relationship with dogs may have laid the groundwork for our ideas of leadership, collaboration and teamwork.

With Internet pioneer Allan Weis, Valerie wrote The Business of Changing Lives: How One Company Took the Information Superhighway to the Inner City.  This is the story of ThinkQuest (an online educational Olympics), and of the social entrepreneurs who closed the technology gap.

Valerie is also the author of A Passion for this Earth,  essays on the psychological benefits of nature and a sense of place (Harper), and The Psychic Power of Running: How the Body can Illuminate the Mysteries of the Mind (Rawson Wade/Ballantine with foreign editions in England, Italy and Japan).  

Her essays on spirituality appear in two volumes edited by Phil Cousineau, Soul: An Anthology - Writing from Socrates to Ray Charles, and Coincidence or Destiny? Stories of Synchronicity that Illuminate Our Lives.

Valerie has contributed to a wide variety of publications including Esquire, Vogue, New York, New Woman, People, Anima, Intuition, and Common Boundary, as well as to WebMD, Medscape, The Alexander Foundation for Women's Health, and the Damaris Salon on Culture and Spirituality. Her book reviews  have appeared in Parabola, the San Francisco Chronicle and Kirkus.

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